In February, 1999, I visited a friend at AME Zion Educational Unit Offices at Sakaman Junction in the
evening. I met his absence and after waiting for him for some time, I decided to go and stand in front
of the house which is by the main Odorkor, Malam Highway. In waiting for him, I met a man after
bypassing me, he stopped and said to me “Youngman whatever you do add evangelism to it” and
he turned and went his way. In fact I did not take his words seriously and I forgot it totally.
In October 2004, I had a dream and heard an audible voice which said
“If you don’t go and preach, you will go to hell. Do not seek for sponsorship from outside but everything you are looking for to
do the work will come from here” and the voice seized and I woke up. After this dream, I realized
God was speaking to me about something beyond pastoring. In, 2005, I took the bold decision to
start the evangelism work with the encouragement and support from some Pastor friends. With the
support Brother Stephen Lokko, now a Pastor in Global Revival Ministries, we started dawn prayer
meetings and later added dawn broadcast or preaching. As time goes on we started travelling to
other villages for preaching with megaphones. To the glory of God, this is how far taking heed to the
voice of God has brought us.