In 2004, Pastor Philip and Brother Stephen Lokko decided to meet and pray in the evenings and sometimes at dawn. By then, Pastor Philip was working with Nanben Enterprise, a spare parts shop at Kokomlemle, which belonged to a friend called Mr. Kwasi Tano. He was also working as a part-time lay pastor at the Global Revival Ministries under Rev. Dr. Robert Ampiah-Kwofi.

Later Bro. Stephen Lokko and I began dawn preaching after the prayers. With the help of Mr. Kwasi Tano and some friends, we bought four megaphones for our dawn and market preaching. Later on I told my friend, Mr. Tano about my desire to stop the working and go into full-time evangelism. He did not easily accept the news, but rather encouraged me to come to work from Monday to Friday and then go for the evangelism during the weekends. After the arrangement was sealed, I went straight to work at it.

I would travel to Nsawam on weekends and stay with Pastor Emmanuel Kangah, a pastor friend and Senior Pastor of the Grace Covenant Church. He joined me in the dawn preaching and took me around to visit his members and on one-on-one evangelism. Pastor Kangah took great interest in what I was doing by praying with me and encouraging me. He told me “I was wasting my time”, and encouraged me to resign from working in the spare parts shop because he believed that it was not the perfect will of God for me to be working in the spare parts shop at that stage of my life. I resigned in March 2005 and gave my all to the evangelism ministry. Brother Stephen Lokko, Brother Emmanuel Odonkor and Sister Rebecca Tetteh and I formed a formidable explosive evangelism team. We would travel to Nsawam for dawn preaching and one-on-one evangelism.

On one occasion, with our megaphones, we travelled to Akroso for two weeks and helped the Global Revival Ministries there, when the church was in its formative days. We went to Ada Kasseh and spend two weeks preaching in the market and lorry station in the evenings and were consistently praying all night from one one end of the town to the other.

All these events occurred in 2005. Through the support of friends and individuals, like Mr. John Bandoh, Mr. Joseph Amandey, and Miss Mary Aboagye, to mention just a few, we bought and amplifier, two speakers, horn speakers and student mattresses to continue the graceful work of evangelism. Several others contributed in various way to further the work of the ministry.